Milano, 2016

The hair salon is set in a beautiful apartment, with a very distinctive classic appeal, which provides the ideal container for the atmosphere that the client was looking for.
The choice of the word 'container' is not misused: the intervention in the new location considers the context as a literal box; a very precious box to be preserved and kept untouched.
With every room dedicated to a precise function, gum invades them, using a form of tubular steel structuring, whose very rough and industrial nature contrasts with the elegant and antique wooden floorings, the cassettoni ceilings and the heavily decorated doors and windows frames.
The differentiation is not solely based on aesthetic purposes. The structure redefines the axis of the rooms by rotating 45 degrees, following a precise analysis of the users flows, thus creating different interstitial corners which are used to host different functions: the hairdressing workstations, the storage area, the counter, the back office and so on.
All the necessary plumbing works remain superficial, hidden under temporary wooden platforms covered in black steel foil, thus elevating the areas devoted to washing and dyeing.

Team: Elena Cerizza, Monica Cerfeda, Eugenio Laponte, Caterina Pilar Palumbo
Photographs: Matteo Girola

Set-up: Arredamenti Carugati