Nerviano MI, Ongoing

Project for an Italian Shoe factory productive extension.
The project reacts to the pragmatism of its use and context embracing the recognizable iconic language of productive buildings. Its shape and orientation are answered to spacial needs and rules aiming at maximising the usable productive surface as well as keeping a compact proportion of the architectural object.
The project is a simple and spartan shed box, challenging a refined use of standard industrial building elements, such as prefabricated concrete walls, aluminium cladding and cupboard-like office and storage spaces. A continuous diagonal north-oriented glazed shaped shed system brings light until deep into the ateliers.
Finally a towering frame volume, strongly expressing its structural identity and lightness, closes the block hosting technical systems allowing to keep the delicate interior production safe from fire risks.
However the interaction with the existing shoe factory building is still an interesting architectural challenge questioning the important contemporary cultural position on the production of self-conscious utilitarian architecture.

Team: Elena Cerizza, Marta Bertani, Edoardo Caizzi, Carmen Federica Napolitano, Marco Pederzini