We are an architecture practice based in Milano and founded in 1998. With an established reputation in the fields of architecture and furniture design with an emphasis on cultural context, materiality, craftmanship and innovation. 
The practice is involved in projects of various scales, ranging from private commissions to exhibition and furniture design; with the aim of cultivating that special Milanese attitude of understanding the living condition as coherent ensemble.

Elena Cerizza, founder

Architect graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1998.
Shortly afterwards she set up her own practice immediatelly focusing her research and design activity on Interior renovation and furniture design.
Cultivating a strong bond with visual arts, design tradition and craftmanship she roots her practice in the pragmatic Milanese context.

Marco Pederzini

Architect - Graduated from Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio in 2018

Paola Elena Gambero

Architect - Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2018

Have collaborated with us:

Marta Bertani
Monica Cerfeda
Simona Costanzo
Carmen Federica Napolitano
Alessia Kalivas
Eugenio Laponte
Caterina Pilar Palumbo
Alberto Straci
Ginevra Venturini
Edoardo Caizzi
Giovanna Rapisarda

Main consultants:

Roberto Carugati - Arredamenti Carugati  (Furniture design and craftmanship)
Fabio Cavelzani (Technical Engineering)
Idroclima Systems (Technical Systems)
Susanna Magistretti - Cascina Bollate (Landscape)
K&K Costruzioni S.R.L.  (Construction)
GS Costruzioni (Construction)
Caterina Pilar Palumbo (Photography)

Via Rosolino Pilo, 8
20129 Milano
t +39 02 36751450